Andy Díaz Personal Training Studio

The Personal Training Studio offers its customers personal training sessions in an exclusive environment, personalizing not only your program, but also the music to help inspire you to achieve your goals quicker, in a safe and private space. As a client you will always be accompanied by a fully trained and qualified professional. They will demonstrate the exercise, coach you through it and give immediate feedback, to ensure correct posture and technique for safety and efficiency.

The presence of a Personal Trainer directly influences the performance and appreciation of the effort by you the customer. This is roughly how we work:

  • Initial interview, physical assessment and benchmarking.
  • Design specific training adapted to the possibilities Time, customer tastes and needs.
  • Control and monitoring of your heart rate, blood pressure and body fat
  • Design a personalized, specific training program, based on the above results and your time frame.
  • Discuss and give nutrition advice, to help you achieve your goal.


To help you achieve your goals and objectives in improving your physical state, a better quality of life and make the transition to a healthier lifestyle, we offer our clients the following personalized services:

  • Personal Training
  • Compex ® Pilates - Vibration
  • Morphological analysis by Tanita ®
  • Sale of sports equipment
  • Compex ® electrostimulation
  • Specific Physical Preparation for Golf, Tennis, Racing, etc..
  • Weight reduction
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Injury rehabilitation and recovery for improved functional movement..
  • Physical Activity for Health
  • Increased basic physical skills (strength, movement speed and flexibility)
  • Guidance to develop healthy lifestyle choices.

These services are applied according to the individual`s needs and trainers guidance.