Working Methods

Working methods we use frequently

To meet the client's objectives are needed the most advanced means and methods as:

Is an electro and vibrating platform that is designed for training people of all abilities, from competing athletes to absolute beginners to exercise on an occasional basis. Thanks to the diversity of its programs, it can be tailored to your individual needs and goals, helping you: Train more effectively, prevent injuries, gain and build strength, relieve pain and recover quicker.
Functional Training
A training system that increases fitness, improves freedom of movement of the human body and the principles of physical therapy in a single session. Through the use of materials such as rubber bands, medicine balls and suspension systems, help to prevent injuries and correct postural problems in a safe and controlled way.
Stretching has a massive overall benefit to the human body, it keep muscles flexible, prepares you for movement, promotes stress relief and improves overall wellbeing. It is essential before and in the cool down phases of any physical activity, readying the body and then relaxing it again after training.