Group Training

Personal Training in small groups

If you are interested in being trained by a professional and think that personal training is out of your financial budget think again! If you prefer to train with your friends or in a group, this is an amazing solution

What does it consist of
The small group training method is designed for a minimum of three to five people, and you are always accompanied by a personal trainer and program designed for the whole group in a dynamic and fun way. Socializing and relationships in the group are very important in this type of training, so everyone can reach their goal in an enjoyable atmosphere. .r
Así, Thus, it differs from a typical group class, by having small numbers, which helps increase everybody’s motivation, desire to improve and goal achievement. Finally, to say that the energy, dynamics created between all the members of the company and the personal trainer, will make each class different, fun, challenging and get you closer to achieving your final goal.
Por último decir que la energía, dinamismo, cooperación y buen rollo entre todos los socios de la compañía y el entrenador personal, harán que cada clase sea diferente y enriquecedora.
  1. MAJOR MOTIVATION: The feeling of being part of a team increases motivation, as each of the members will come together to reach individual and group objectives. Each member will feel more committed to the team's ultimate goal.
  1. SOCIAL COMPONENT: In groups the atmosphere is much more relaxed, people interact with each other, laugh more, share experiences and create an atmosphere that increases the mood of the everyone. When people who participate in a group training program realize that if they miss their classes many times the group will slow down towards their goals, therefore, they will avoid not attending.
  1. ECONOMIC: It is much more affordable than 1-1 personal training, while still having the chances to train with a professional and with friends or colleagues, this is why group training is the perfect medium for this
  1. OPTIMIZE YOUR TRAINING TIME: You will achieve more in the 55 minute group session with our professionals, than most people do on their own in the gym for 2 hours.